Anonymous whispered: I personally would like some more lore! The discussion on it is nonexistent ='(

Any subject in particular that interests you? I can try and dig something up for you. <3

What kinda stuff would you guys like to see me write about?

I can write about quests, headgears, npcs, patch notes, monsters, etc.

I just like writing about things but sometimes I’m not sure what to write about. If you guys have any ideas, feel free to either leave suggestions in my ask or reply to this post.

Meanwhile, there are new hats released on iRO I’ll write about later.

Fun fact: one of the new hats released was intended for trap rangers but kRO changed it to arrow storm rangers (as if they needed more already).

Hat Tricks

Wanna see a hat trick?

  1. Put on a headgear that takes up all three slots.image
  2. Put on a costume headgear that takes up only the top slot.image

  3. Take off the headgear that took up three slots, and then the costumeimage
  4. Put on whatever hat you want that isn’t a lower headgear (mid headgears are hard to see on some hats).image
  5. Enjoy putting on random hats on top of things like paper bags until this gets fixed. I’d have taken another screenshot with a different set of headgears but the servers completely died as I was about to. For the most part, everyone else can see this too, even if they walked on screen afterwards. It fixes itself upon changing map servers, however. This bug currently works on iRO with the Old Glast Heim and WoE: TE update, it may possibly work on other servers who are on that update as well, who knows. Also sorry for small images, didn’t realize it’d be that small.
War of Emperium: Training Edition

War of Emperium: TE, WoE: TE, however you wanna shorten it, today’s post is about the recently-added-to-iRO War of Emperium.

WoE: TE is, as you guessed, another War of Emperium added to the game. What makes this one special, however, is that unlike the other two WoEs, WoE: TE is for 99 2nd classes and below only. It’s essentially pre-renewal WoE with renewal mechanics, making for a different experience. It also lasts only one hour long, unlike the two hours the other two WoEs last. On the iRO server, the time is currently set to 8-9 AM PDT. There may be plans to rotate the time to a different one in a few months so be warned.

What also makes this WoE special is that there are restrictions that the original two WoEs don’t have. On a related note, apparently a Bargain Hunter’s Catalogue is disabled in WoE: TE. Guess they don’t want us to go window shopping while fighting our enemies?

The following skills are restricted in WoE: TE:

  • Back Slide
  • Ice Wall
  • Warp Portal (no warping your enemies [or teammates accidentally] out of the castle)
  • Endure
  • Frenzy
  • Assumptio
  • Basilica
  • Alchemist Cultivations
  • Marionette Control
  • Stealth (possibly not supposed to be disabled from some sources)
  • Shadow Slash (A few of the ninja’s other skills are disabled)

The following items and equipment are restricted in WoE: TE:

  • WoE Potions from WoE 1.0 investment
  • Box of Sunlight
  • Maya Purple Card
  • All Bellum weapons
  • All WoE Gear from WoE 1.0 investment
  • Glorious Equipment from KvM
  • Golden Thiefbug Card
  • WoE 1.0 and 2.0 God Items

Special note is that third class consumables (namely geneticist-created items) are usable in this WoE, which will later be fixed in a later update.

This War of Emperium also features two new WoE Realms; Gloria and Kafragarten. Gloria is accessed in Valkyrie Realms to the left of the middle castle while Kafragarten is located in Luina below the top right castle.

There are NPCs that give out quests, rental equipment, and consumables for this WoE.

Quests involved are doable during WoE, such as collecting items and killing monsters that spawn inside the castles (they’re not too tough).

There’s also another set of quests that features the guild dungeons for the second classes only. Inside the guild dungeons are special Biolab-like monsters. The monsters are second-class versions of the Biolab floor 2 monsters (including a new dancer) and Biolab 3 monsters. The two MVPs are a Super Novice (or a Super Novice and a normal Novice) and they are quite painful. Killing 30 of all of the non-MVPs will net one special coin for each guild dungeon quest set. These coins can be traded in for consumables and gear. Both quest sets can be done once a day.

Of course, what’s a WoE without its own set of God Items? There are two new God items introduced to WoE: TE, which can also be upgraded (the reason I say there’s only two instead of four is due to the fact two are simply upgraded versions, which have additional effects to the old versions but if you want you can say there’s four). There’s a special quest that upgrades the two God Items.

The first God Item is Hervor, a shield that gives +5 MDEF, reduces damage from all races by 30%, is indestructible, has 100 def, 150 weight, and is usable by all jobs with a level requirement of 90.

A shield named after the Valkyrie, Hervor.
Reduces damage received from all races by 30%.
Cannot be upgraded or destroyed.
Class: Shield
Def: 100
Weight: 150
Required Level: 90
Jobs: All

The upgraded version of Hervor is called Hervor Alvtir. It gives an additional +20 Vit, an dditional +5 MDEF, and has a chance of giving a buff called Guardian of the Light when receiving melee physical damage. The def of the shield is also increased by 50 and has double the weight. It is also for all 3rd classes level 100 and higher.

Hervor Alvtir
A shield named after the Valkyrie, Hervor. This shield is enchanted with great power.
VIT +20, MDEF +10
Reduces damage received from all races by 30%.
Chance on melee physical damage taken, wearer receives [Guardian of the Light] for 60 seconds.
When under the effect of [Guardian of the Light], Stun, Sleep, Curse, Petrify, Poison, Blind, Silence, Bleeding, Chaos, Frozen statuses are removed from the wearer and be immune to them for the duration.
Cannot be upgraded or destroyed.
Class: Shield
Def: 150
Weight: 300
Required Level: 100
Jobs: All 3rd Classes

The second God item is Jormungand, a heavy two-handed staff for wizards, sages, and soul linkers. It gives +280 MATK, +20 int, and has a chance to inflict Poison to your enemies with magic attacks and gives them Dead Poison by chance when taking physical melee damage. It also has 200 atk and 300 weight (battle wizard time!).

A powerful staff named after Jormungand for its ability to poison enemies.
MATK +280, INT +20
Chance on magic attack, inflicts target with Poison status.
Chance on melee physical damage taken, inflicts target with Deadly Poison status.
Cannot be upgraded or destroyed.
Class: Two-handed Staff
ATK: 200
Weight: 300
Element: Poison
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 90
Jobs: Wizard / Sage / Soul Linker classes

The upgraded version of Jormungand is called Ganbantein. Its MATK is upgraded to +320, it gives +5 more Int, +25 dex, and aside from the Poison, it also has a chance to cast Silentium, and instead of Deadly Poison on chance while being attacked with physical melee damage, it inflicts Silence instead. Ganbantein’s attack and weight also drops by 100 and is only usable by warlocks who are level 100 and higher (which I find slightly odd since sages were able to use it before).

A powerful staff with its name originating from its the ability to prevent enemies from casting spells.
MATK +320, INT +25, DEX +25
Chance on magic attack, inflicts target with Poison or autocast Silentium Level 1.
Chance on melee physical damage taken, inflicts target with Silence status.
Cannot be upgraded or destroyed.
Class: Two-handed Staff
ATK: 100
Weight: 200
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Warlock

Unfortunately I haven’t done too much with WoE: TE so there is plenty of information missing but I believe the iRO Wiki forums and other resources can fill in the gaps.

Anyway, hopefully you all enjoy the new War of Emperium: Training Edition!

The new (or old?) Glast Heim instance has arrived in iRO last week, with WoE TE this week! This post will be about the new instance. All of this is old stuff seeing as it’s been in for over a week now (and much longer in other servers), but this is mostly a general info thing so if you don’t know much about it, feel free to read on.

If you’re interested in the history of this decrepit place, or just want to fight some strong monsters, take on this once-a-day instance that has you travelling back in time. You’ll find out about the origins of the Abysmal Knights, (female!) Khalitzburgs, and Raydrics, and some of the things they say is kind of sad.

You’ll also get to meet Himmelmez, who seeks out a piece of Ymir’s Heart, and Heinrich and Varmundt as they try to stop her and enlist your help.

There are two MVPs within the instance to kill, the immobile Corrupted Root and Amdarais, made by Himmelmez from the last remaining soldier.

The instance is full of undead and demon monsters, so gear accordingly.

A quickish walkthrough for the instance. The instance is for players level 130 and higher and parties have 90 minutes to finish and has a 23-hour cooldown. Players will receive two kill counts for the two MVPs in the instance.

  1. Move north and talk to Varmundt.
  2. Move north past the soldiers and talk to Heinrich.
  3. Enjoy the dialogue or wait by the west doorways, it is not necessary to kill the transformed soldiers as they’ll be killed by their commanders.
  4. Enter the portal and kill monsters until dialogue pops up at the top. Follow the very top left path down to a dead end with a statue. There should be an NPC there to talk to. After that, the eastern area is open.
  5. Kill monsters there as well. Walking near corpses spawn numerous maggots (they look like Arclouze) and they hurt a lot so be wary. The same thing will happen once enough monsters are dead. The NPC will be near the top right area at the top of some stairs. Speak to her, then a portal opens up next to the left.
  6. The monsters to kill in this area look like Raydrics and Raydric Archers. Kill enough of those and Himmelmez will speak. Head to the top middle area. Do not walk near the NPCs as that will trigger them.
  7. Once all party members are there and in view of the main killer, trigger the NPCs. After the dialogue, the Corrupted Root will spawn. Kill it, then talk to the NPC to receive 1 Time Crystal and 1 Coagulated Spell.
  8. Head north in the portal, and past the NPCs (they’ll talk but you don’t need to stay) until you find a portal on the left side of the hall.
  9. Kill monsters in the west room until a dialogue pops up at the top of the screen. Find the monster that’s spawned in (it looks like a zombie Rune Knight) and kill it. If you can’t find it, keep killing monsters until the dialogue comes up again. It should be in now.
  10. Once killed, head back to the hall and walk down a bit. There should now be a portal on the east. Repeat as you did in the west room.
  11. Once the one on east is killed, head back to the hall and north to a new portal.
  12. Beware of corpses in the room. Most can be avoided by hugging the wall. Don’t go through the side halls unless you like meteors. Head north to the open room and trigger the NPCs when ready.
  13. After the dialogue, Amdarais will spawn. Once dead, talk to the NPC that spawns in the middle of the room. Players who have now finished the instance for the first time will receive 5 Time Crystals and 5 Coagulated Spells. Players who have previously completed the instance will receive 1.
  14. Once the MVP is killed, one person can head back to the first part of the instance in the area where the Raydrics first appeared. In the very top right corner is a small garden and a hidden crack. Speaking to it teleports you to a treasure room. Along the bottom wall are numerous statues. Talking to them drops various items and equips. Don’t talk to the statues if you haven’t killed Amdarais at this point or you will be unable to obtain the treasure.
  15. Players can now leave if they wish.

Time Crystals are used to obtain Temporal Boots, which can then be made into stat-specific Temporal Boots. It takes 1 Time Crystal to make a pair of Temporal Boots and 5 to convert them into a stat specific version. The stat specific version can be enchanted with Coagulated Spells for an additional effect. Once this enchant has been maxed out, you can then obtain a second, random enchant. Temporal Boots are unable to be reset so if you don’t obtain the random enchant you wanted, you’ll need to make a new pair. These boots can also be slotted, but will not have enchants (until a new update).

There’s also two dungeons added, which you can enter through an NPC.

All of this can be found in the present Glast Heim near the center north of the map~

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first two comms finished :^q!!!

for sorcererlegna and witheringallegro respectively (ty 4 choosing ro i luv u)


I made a small compilation of the Tree of Savior hairstyles we know of so far!
Ironically enough, despite the first revealed spritesheet showing far more female sprites, we got one more male hairstyle.

I also apologize about the last picture of each; I had to crop the image a tad and didn’t feel like going to SAI to make it decent.

It’s also confirmed that there’ll be many hair colors, so no worries there!
Some of the guy styles are super girly and I love them.

(via rekenbercorp)


Released last week, this interview offers some more interesting information about the CBT, game mechanics and future plans for Tree of Savior. Good read!

Fun fact: There are two Rekenber guards, located to the top right outside of Rekenber’s entrance somewhat hidden away (if you can’t find them try going all the way right until you find a fence, they’re on a raised way or something). What’s special about them?

They talk about pictures of Kafra ladies in garter belts.

This isn’t useful information but it’s entertaining. Coordinates incoming later!



Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum is the next upcoming Ragnarok mobile game coming to both Android and iOS, scheduled for (perhaps tentative) release on May 6th, 2014.

It’s a Tactical Empire Building RPG with a Ragnarok theme.

I’m currently helping beta test it with a friend, mostly for grammar errors and whatnot.

If you enjoy those types of games and enjoy Ragnarok, try this one when it comes out later!

There’s also some events going on related to the game.

If you play Valkyrie Uprising, link your account to Ash Vacuum for a special crossover promotion (not many details on this yet though)!

If you play Ragnarok Online 1 or Ragnarok Online 2, getting your Ash Vacuum camp to certain levels will net you some prizes in those two games! And if you have an account on both games, you’ll get prizes for both. Note: The blog itself says the prizes are at levels 10, 20, and 30 but they list levels 5, 10, and 15 when showing the rewards, so I’m using the latter levels. It may be wrong upon release but we’ll see.

  • Level 5 is a 30 Day Halter Lead on RO1, and a 14 Day Grand Peco on RO2.
  • Level 10 is a Dark Snake Lord Hat Costume on RO1, and a 15 Day VIP Angeling on RO2.
  • Level 15 is a box containing 10x Battle Manuals (doubles exp gain for 30 minutes), 10x Bubble Gums (doubles drop rates for 30 minutes), 10x Token of Siegfrieds (allows for resurrection at the location you died with full HP and SP), 10x Life Insurance (prevents exp and job exp loss for 30 minutes and expires upon death), and 5x Kafra Cards (allows you to open any one of your storages at any location in the world), and a Large Bag and Flip Hat on RO2.

There is also a pre-registration event going on where you can earn goodies in Ash Vacuum!

Check this thread out for some preview images and more info about the game. You can see some issues in the text and dialogue but I’m hoping those will be ironed out later upon official release.

From Warp Portal’s blog:

"Register your account in RO Ash Vacuum, Google, Facebook, or direct Email registration, using the same Email address as you have used for the WarpPortal. This is how we will automatically give you your prizes! If you cannot register for Ash Vacuum using that email, please write in to the support tool, Inform us of the details below before June 1st, 2014:

  • WP Email
  • Ash Vacuum Email
  • Ash Vacuum Guild Name
  • Ash Vacuum Server”

This game is free to play and (likely) provides in-app purchases, such as for new characters for you guild, new equipment, and cards.

Characters featured are the novices and their super counterparts, all first classes, expanded classes, all second classes (excluding Rebellion possibly and Taekwon Master though uncertain), and all second transcendent classes. There seem to be no third classes. Each class has three skills to support your guild, and some classes may have different skills between genders, such as between the male and female swordsman.

You will be affiliated with one of three countries; Rune Midgarts, Schwarz(t?)vald, and Arunafeltz. Forgot what the benefits of each were (if any, although appearances change depending on where you go) and apparently the capital of Arunafeltz is Lahalmel (or something like that)? Schwarzvald’s emblem may be upside down too.

Your camp and guild will be held in one of three locations; the Vanguard who are closest to where Satan Morocc fled to and will face the most fighting but have the fewest resources, the Mid-Defense  who have balanced fighting and resources, and the Rear Guard who have the most resources but the fewest of fights.

I think that’s all I’ll say about this game now. It’s just a matter of time to try it out for yourselves around May 6th so be watchful of that!


iOS version now out!

Fun fact!

If you use a skill after clicking an NPC but before its dialogue box pops up, the skill will still go off!

It may not seem like much, but imagine casting cloak or hide in an aggro map (with no monsters/demons) with an NPC you need to talk to.

Not sure how well known this is but thought I’d share! >u<

May share other things too if I find.